Ask the Styles Twins
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Will and Louis :) :

Edward’s the badass twin. Tattoos, piercings, sex, drugs, flirt/slut. He can be a mess but most often he’s fun as hell.

Harry’s the innocent one. Always trying to talk Edward out of the stuff he does, keeps his sex life hidden, is quite cute and dashing. The polar side to Edward, despite their many alike physical qualities.

Hi everybody! I like friends :) -Harry

Um hey everybody. Drop something in our ask? xx -Ed
Well I'm Monique, I'm 20 years old, single and I'm pansexual. *pauses for a second* I'm a huge book worm, I don't really talk to my family that much, I have 4 siblings and as you can see I have quit a few tattoos and piercings, and that's all I can think of. *giggles downing the rest of my drink* -Monique

*smiles and nods* I like books too. I used to sit in the library all day sometimes. I haven’t read much lately *frowns* -Harry

*finished my second drink and orders three shots for us* okay guys, come on *holds my shot and waits for you to pick yours up* -Edward

*gets up, my legs wobbly as I cry out, falling onto my knees and whines, curling in fetal position as I start to hump a nearby pillow, desperate to come* -Will // *hums in praise as I rub your back* Good job baby boy, so good, you took so much babe, *smiles and kisses up and down your spine* Just need you to come one more time for me, can you do it? *takes your cock in my hands, pumping it as the other hand massages your balls* -Louis

*hears your soft thud and smirks, carrying Belle back to our room as I feed her and glare at you* You’d better not be trying to come. If you do it’ll only get worse Will -Eddie

*whimpers and shakes my head frantically, crying out at the sensitivity of my cock* n-no..please Lou, no I can’t..h-hurts.. -Harry

Oh um..I was just awaiting to hear from someone..but it's no big deal *smiles a bit* -Joss

Who were you waiting to hear from? -Edward

*mumbles* Bastard. *turns over and pulls the blankets over, me, but feels too hot and kicks them off, closing my eyes* Goodnight fuckface. *sighs, and turns over again, cuddling into you* I love you. *falls asleep* -Will // *pulls the big one out slowly, until I yank it all out, loving to see how your hole flexes around it after I do* -Louis

*falls asleep with you, smiling as we do* *Wakes up the next morning to Belle crying and gets up, rubbing my eyes as I go and get her, bouncing her in my arms* Shh sweetheart, I’ll get you a bottle yeah? *walks sleepily to the kitchen and heats up some formula* -Edward

*my hole gapes and my eyes widen as they all tear out of me* Louis! *groans around the gag, spit falling from my lips messily* -Harry 

My friend Jason's birthday party. He lives down by the lake, not very far from here. *I say taking a sip of my drink and smiles back at you* Anyways before I get to the stage where I don't even know what I'm saying anymore, tell me about yourself. *turns my body towards you giving you my full attention* -Monique

*shrugs and smiles* Umm my name’s Harry, I’m 22, I care a lot for my family, I like icecream and actually do drink occasionally, umm..I work at a bakery and love chick flicks. *chuckles* I don’t know what else to say -Harry 

Shut the fuck up Ed. *pouts and shimmies over, leaning my head on your thigh, smiling sweetly* I love youuuu Edddiiieee. *bats my eyes innocently* -Will // *pushes your head into the mattress to quiet you as I slip them in, kissing each of your cheeks as I do, before all of them are in, and I tug on the string a bit* Feel full babe? -Louis

*smirks and turns over, shutting my eyes with a smile* Not a chance. -Edward

*whines and nods, rolling my eyes back in my head as I wiggle, trying to get you to pull them out* -Harry 

*whimpers when I feel the slap and finishes the dishes, then goes to our bedroom to try and calm myself down, lying face down on the bed to try and alleviate the pressure from the plug in my bum, feeling exhausted* -Will // *sighs softly when I see you, pausing the video tape and looking over at the mess you made, making tsking noises in my throat* harry, look what you've done babe. *sighs as I gently slip the plug out* I think you need the beads baby. -Louis

*hops into the shower quickly before coming back to the bedroom and dropping the towel as I look around for a pair of boxers* You okay there babe? -Eddie

*sighs at the relieve and shakes my head frantically, groaning ‘no’ around the gag, not able to take anything else* -Harry 

*flips you the finger as I pull my boxers on and moans standing up, taking the dishes and washing them with shaky hands* Ch-check on B-Belle's make sure she's o-okay? -Will // "Papa, what were you and Daddy doing?" *I blush a bit* Daddy wasn't feeling good, so I had to give him special medicine, so he's just sleeping now. But c'mon homework time. *helps them with their homework and cooks them dinner, before getting them each into bed, freshly washed and tucked in, slowly walking to our bedroom*

*nods and gets up, walking past you and giving your bum a teasing slap only to nudge the plug* Remember, no coming or touching yourself. *walks to her bedroom and smile when she’s still fast asleep with her binkie in her mouth and her hand clutching her stuffed bunny* -Edward

*having come twice already, writhes on the bed, tears falling from my eyes as I feel a third orgasm coming on, but too sensitive for it* *whimpers come out around the gag as I close my eyes to stop watching the tape* -Harry

Yeah, my mom just looked in a baby book for my name... Originality runs in my family.

*chuckles* Same actually. I mean, Harold, come on -Harry 

*whines* N-no, didn't get to, didn't get to come yet.. *starts feeling tears slip out of my eyes* Didn't get to come! *whines in frustration* -Will // *sees them leave and groans, letting my head fall onto your stomach * This is your fault. Was going to do a quickie, but nope. *sighs as I go into our closet and comes back with a gag and a cat tail plug, along with our sex tape, before slipping the plug in you and the gag, then puts our sex tape on* See you tonight Haz. *walks out to the kids* -L

*smirks and flips you over, sitting you down on the couch and throwing your boxers at you* You came once. That’s enough. *smiles innocently* -Edward

*widens my eyes and groans around the gag, rutting down against the toy as I watch the tape, feeling my cock ache* -Harry