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Will and Louis :) :

Edward’s the badass twin. Tattoos, piercings, sex, drugs, flirt/slut. He can be a mess but most often he’s fun as hell.

Harry’s the innocent one. Always trying to talk Edward out of the stuff he does, keeps his sex life hidden, is quite cute and dashing. The polar side to Edward, despite their many alike physical qualities.

Hi everybody! I like friends :) -Harry

This is DJ EEEEEEZDICK ;) Drop something in our ask? xx -Ed

askwillandlouis asked: Will's eyes lit up as he supported himself with his elbow, facing Ed and putting one hand on his waist. "Yeah?" he said dopely, stupidly, stupidly in love with this boy. "I'd love a little boy. And another little girl. I want a million more. Please" he laughed, and added, in a serious tone, "I really, really would like that". -Will // Louis bit his lip and nodded, "I w-want to try again. I n-need to. For myself. For us" he said, and kissed Harry, one hand going on his cheek. -Louis

Edward laughed and pushed Will’s hair out of his eyes, looking down at Isabelle again and tickling her stomach. “I think we should do it, Will,” he said softly and looked back up, flighty and giggly. He was right, Will was better than any drug, he felt high right now. “Right now, I think we should have another baby.” He grabbed Will’s hands and pulled him close, pecking his lips over Isabelle. -Edward

Harry kissed Louis back gently, holding his waist as he deepened the kiss. He didn’t want to be too rough with the boy, not when he was so fragile. -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: Will admired their baby, rubbing his hand over her tubby stomach, something he thought was adorable, and quirked an eyebrow when he saw Ed blushing. "Babe, what are you getting all tomato face for?" he laughed out. -Will // Louis hiccuped, wiping at his eyes as he tried to calm himself down, for Harry's sake. "Sh-should we t-try again?". Louis genuinely wanted to try again, but he was just so damn scared of loosing another baby.

Edward covered his face with his hands and shook his head, giggling. “Nothing,” he sang out before falling into the boy with a ear to ear smile. “I was just thinking about having more kids,” he said with pleading eyes and a hopeful smile. -Edward

Harry held Louis by the waist and whispered between them. “Only if you want to. I want you to be ready for this…and, and know what might happen..” He mumbled and chewed his lip. He didn’t want to say what he did, but it needed to be said and understood. -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: "She's the best thing that ever happened to us, right?" he said softly, flicking his eyes over Ed's face. He tried to imagine what their lives would be like without her, and shook it off quickly. Getting up, he took a sleeping Isabelle out of her crib, and put her in between them on the bed. Taking her little foot in his hand, he grinned. "She's so tiny" he whispered in amazement. -Will // "I ca-can't fail you again, what if it's me, what if I'm in-infertile!" he shouted, standing up. -Louis

Edward smiled genuinely, his cheeks hurting but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Gently, he rubbed their daughter’s stomach and looked up at Will. “She is, just a little bean,” he whispered and blushed to himself. He had a thought but quickly shook it off because it would probably be shot down quickly. -Ed

Standing up, Harry wrapped his arms around Louis’ small body and pulled him into his chest, holding his head to it. “I don’t care if you are, Louis there is nothing wrong with that,” he soothed him, rubbing his back. -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: Will laughed wetly as he pulled away from the kiss and nosed himself into Ed. "the Ed I knew two years ago didn't believe in promises" he said softly, "And the Will I knew wouldn't have believed you". With a tired smile, he sighed "We grew up, didn't we?" // Louis nodded, but as he turned to leave, he sat on Harrys lap, trying to make himself as small as possible and he cried softly. "You hate me, don't you? B-because I couldn't carry a child like you could" he spat out bitterly.

Edward nodded and chuckled softly, thumbing at Will’s cheeks as he held his face. “We did, a lot. I’m glad we did, we were both a mess..” He mumbled and shook his head. “Isabelle helped us grow up. She gave us something to sober up for, because we fed off of each other alone.” -Edward

Shaking his head immediately, Harry gripped Louis tightly and held him close, rubbing his stomach. “Not at all, Louis, I could never hate you.” He whispered and kissed periodically at his head and shoulder. “It wasn’t your fault, and you know that. I-if you want, we can try again soon..I don’t want to rush you, I was just..” He ventured off and shook his head. It was a bad idea, especially if this happened again. Louis would never talk again. -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: Will stared at Ed, rubbing his thumb over the boys cheekbone and nodded , letting out a shaky breath. "I want to make this w-work this time. Please, please, let's make this work" he pleaded, and captured Eds lips in his own. -Will /Louis stared at Harry and shook his head, his fingers trembling. "C-can I m-make you some l-lunch? You haven't eaten anything"he choked out. Louis needed Harry, he needed him so badly. He didn't want to shut down on Harry like he usually did, but it appears Harry had.

Edward grabbed Will’s waist and kissed him back passionately, with all the love in his body. It was a slow and tender kiss, not their usual heated lip locking. “We will, we will I promise.” He whispered and held the boy’s body against his. -Edward

With a gulp, and a tear falling down his face, Harry mustered up his courage to look at Louis and finally speak. “Y-yeah..c-can we have soup?” He asked in a raspy voice, grabbing for Louis’ hands and holding them in his lap, needing his touch. -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: "I'm sorry" he sobbed out, throwing his arms around Ed. "I'm an asshole who's s-stubborn and thinks that I'm always right". Facing Ed, he whimpered "I don't want you to get bad again. The drugs, the alcohol, I can deal with, but the cuttin-" he stopped short. "Please don't make me leave you, because I will if you do it again, I can't, I can't make you focus on a relationship and yourself at the same time". -Will // After the kids left, he went into the living room and snuffled, "Haz?" -Louis

Edward immediately shook his head. Yes, Will was an asshole, and stubborn, but Eddie didn’t care. He wanted to be with the boy and their baby, he was honestly fine. “Stop baby, shhh” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around the boy and pulled him to his lap. “I don’t want to do any of that, I don’t need to..I have you and Belle’s and I’m happier than drugs could ever make me.” He chuckled softly. “I want to focus on our family, I can take care of myself while I do that too.” -Edward

Harry pulled his lips into a straight line and sniffled, still staring straight. “Hm?” He hummed. -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: An hour had passed since Ed had fallen asleep, and Will was wide awake. He hated going to bed in a fight. Loathed it. Sitting up, he stared at Ed, sleeping peacefully and began to cry. Will hated pushing himself away from Ed. Gently shaking him, he whimpered, "E-eddie, eddie, wake up please". -Will // When Louis woke up, he glanced over at his family, all curled into Harry and got up slowly, walking to the kitchen where he put a kettle to boil, staring at it emotionlessly. -Louis

Edward woke up later that night feeling someone pushing at him gently. With a sniffle of his nose, he wiped his eyes and answered dazedly. “Yeah? What’s wrong Willie?” He murmured, his voice sleep clad.

Harry slept in late the next day, not waking when Louis or the kids left his side. Later into the day he finally got up, dressed in a jumper and sweat pants, and walked downstairs without getting showered. Silently, he sat on the couch and stared at the black television screen.

larrylovesyouuuuuuu asked: Well it depended on what kind of home life you had but it was over all simpler.. -Amanda xx

*frowns* yeah, I definitely feel that. Misfit, horrible life. What’s your story? -Harry

larrylovesyouuuuuuu asked: You and me both. *sighs and rests my head on your shoulder* -Amanda xx

*chuckles* being a kid was great. Problems were irrelevant -Harry

larrylovesyouuuuuuu asked: *smiles and blushes smiling and nods as I watch the intro to the movie* -Amanda xx

*watches the movie and sighs* I wish I never had to grow up -Harry