Ask the Styles Twins
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Will and Louis :) :

Edward’s the badass twin. Tattoos, piercings, sex, drugs, flirt/slut. He can be a mess but most often he’s fun as hell.

Harry’s the innocent one. Always trying to talk Edward out of the stuff he does, keeps his sex life hidden, is quite cute and dashing. The polar side to Edward, despite their many alike physical qualities.

Hi everybody! I like friends :) -Harry

Um hey everybody. Drop something in our ask? xx -Ed
*looks at the video in anger, slamming the laptop shut and facing you as I fume* You like this, don't you! You fucking like hurting me! Maybe even fucking more then you like hurting yourself. I just, *puts a hand over my face as I let out a sob, turning away* I can't do this, I fucking, I .. *sits on the couch, crying into my hands* I can't. -Will // *nods as I cuddle into you, kissing your neck* S' a good thing you wake up earlier, because I'm not. *sighs as I link our fingers* Night. -Louis

*scoffs* you think I like fucking hurting you! If I didn’t do anything I do I couldn’t provide for you or Belle! You saw me try to get a job yesterday! I can’t fucking do it! *shakes my head as I feel my chest tighten and a hiccup come out as I begin to sob again* I can’t do this and you can’t either Will…I-I don’t know what to do anymore..I’m always fucking up..still and I thought I was better… *ends whispering as I slowly walk over, sitting down next to you and pulling you into my arms* j-just..I’ve been fucked since I was fifteen..I knew I was and there’s no fixing my life ever. I’ve tried for six years and nothing has changed.. -Edward

*groans, getting frustrated* Fucking hell Ed! Just fucking communicate with me! Don't beat around the bush. What, the fuck did you do that it's making you cry? *sighs* Please, just tell me baby. -Will // *shakes my head, putting a finger on it as I drag it slowly up and down* No, just my face.. *chews on my lip slowly* Still want to go the doctors. Make sure everything's okay. -Louis

*flinches when you yell, standing up straight and smiling brokenly through my tears* You’re going to yell now? Really? *shakes my head and wipes my tears* I had sex Will. I slept with someone for money. Some forty year old guy. And better yet, *laughs a broken laugh as I step closer* you know what, why should I even tell you *walks over to the computer and types something up before a video starts playing of me and the guy having sex* when you can fucking see for yourself. -Edward

*nods and holds you close, gently rubbing your stomach* I’ll make an appointment for tomorrow. We’ll go before work, yeah? -Harry

*shakes my head, replying smartly* Yeah, because that I do all the time. Kill the people I love. *closes my lips tightly, my eyes boring straight into the wall* J-just tell me what you did Edward. -Will // *shifts a bit, laying on top of you* M'crushing you, let me get off. *gets off of you and stares at my stomach for a little before widening my eyes* Harry, you think the b-baby's okay? Even after what Will did...? -Louis

*shakes my head slightly and bites the inside of my lip, trying to not cry but letting a tear slip out* i-it was before we even got back together..I w-was trying to get the money together and the only way I-I could do it..I just…Willie I’m sorry *lets more tears fall* I just wanted to make you happy… -Edward

*gasps and touches your stomach* Boo of course the baby’s okay, he never touched your stomach did he? -Harry

*sips my drink* Why? We just got here. Come on Pleeeeaaaasssseeee. Let's stay longer.

*shakes my head and tugs on your arm* No. You’re coming with me, I don’t want you getting hurt -Ed

*thinks and looks down* uh, movie day? -grace

*nods and picks you up on my back and charging you to the living room* Pick a movie! -Harry

*looks at you* You mean getting drunk? Or losing one of your friends in the city? Or both? *laughs* -Joss

Getting drunk, I used to be a real bad alcoholic *chuckles* -Eddie 

*starts grinding on the blonde and making out with him* -Amanda xx

*continues watching you for a bit longer before finishing my drink and walking towards you, gripping you by the waist and pulling you off of him* That’s enough sweetie, you’re mine now -Eddie

*smiles and watches the movie as it starts* God this will always be funny -Joss

I agree, there’s nothing about this movie that isn’t perfect *laughs* This kinda happened to me once. Well a lot actually *shrugs* -Edward

*giggles* Yes daddy. *gets up and orders another drink*

*rolls my eyes and stands, taking your hand* Come on, we’re going home -Ed

I'm... *hesitates and sighs* I'm fine. How are you? -Lilith

*frowns* That’s not very convincing -Harry