Ask the Styles Twins

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Will and Louis :) :

Edward’s the badass twin. Tattoos, piercings, sex, drugs, flirt/slut. He can be a mess but most often he’s fun as hell.

Harry’s the innocent one. Always trying to talk Edward out of the stuff he does, keeps his sex life hidden, is quite cute and dashing. The polar side to Edward, despite their many alike physical qualities.

Hi everybody! I like friends :) -Harry

This is DJ EEEEEEZDICK ;) Drop something in our ask? xx -Ed

askjamesandliam asked: "How about.. I get you drunk, then I'll ask you that question again, yeah?" James raised his eyebrows, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Edward pursed his lips and grabbed James’ by one of his belt loops, pulling him in, face to face. “Last time we got drunk you were the mess, sweetheart.” He purred and smirked. -Ed

discerningintelligence asked: *looks at your hand, copying them* like this? -grace

*stands behind you and takes your hands in mine* loosen them up, not so tense *smiles as I move your fingers to hit a key* that’s a C -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: Will groaned, squeezing his eyes shut as the feeling of Ed coming inside him made him curl his toes. "Baby" he whispered, curling his fingers into Ed's slightly sweaty curls, laughing quietly "you still got it, old man" he teased, slapping the younger boy's bum. // Louis dug his fingers into his thighs, feeling all of the breath fly out of him as Harry filled him. "F-fuck, so fuckin' full" he whispered, his voice thick.

Edward yelped and laughed, cocking an eyebrow at the other. “Old man?” He gasped. “I’m younger than you, you idiot!” He yelled playfully as he began to tickle the lad’s stomach. -Ed

Harry’s head fell heavy into the crook of Louis’ neck, whimpering and moaning as he rolled his hips in a slow but deep manner. “I love you, Lou, I love you,” he whispered. -Harry

sugaronhaz asked: Sure! Sounds good to me. * I poke you again and giggle as we sit down.* ~ Madasyn

*orders the pizza and sits with you, waiting* why does this take so long I’m hungry -Edward

love1dharrylouis asked: *Smirks and stands up and hooks my fingers and pulls down my hong from under my skirt and throws it at you*

*catches it and smiles cheekily, grabbing my jeans and shoving them in the pocket* I’ll wank to those later -Eddie

Gross, okay someone go -Harry

discerningintelligence asked: *leans into your side* you should teach me then. *giggles* -grace

*puts my hands on the keys and looks at yours* okay your hands need to be placed a certain way, like this -Harry

askwillandlouis asked: Will nodded, squeezing Ed's shoulder tightly as he clenched around him, gasping as he came. "Sh-Shit" he shouted, staring down at Ed's come streaked stomach. "Baby come, come , fill me up". -W // Louis rolled his eyes "As if you haven't before Harold" he said fondly, but went on his back, staring up at Harry. Swallowing thickly, he held his legs up, holding his thighs. "M'ready" he whispered.

Eddie watched Will’s cum cover his stomach and that made him thrust deep into the lad, wanting to bury his seed deep to make sure it doesn’t all leave him, and came with a shaky shriek. “Oh fuck, babe..babe,” he panted as he fell do the bed, letting his muscles un-tense as he pulled Will to his chest, his cock still nestled in him. -Edward

Running his hands up Louis’ legs fondly, Harry kissed at his silky skin lightly. With one hand on his cock and another on Louis’ waist, Harry guided himself into the boy with a drawn out mewl. “See, still tight,” he choked out. -Harry

love1dharrylouis asked: Dare and make it a good one *smirks looking at him*

*raises an eyebrow and sits back* I dare you to give me your panties because well, I want them *shrugs and smiles smugly* and take them off right here -Edward

askjamesandliam asked: James laughed, shaking his head. "You're a hot fucking mess," he chuckled, looking Ed up and down.

Edward smirked and scoffed, tossing his hair to the side. “I’m hot, but a mess? Nahhh” -E

discerningintelligence asked: *shakes my head, blushing a bit* it's all new. -grace

*chuckles and kisses your nose* oh silly, you need to learn about the instrument first! The keys and all -Harry